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Sebastian Mikael


Sebastian Mikael Releases ‘I C U U C ME Pt. II’

on April 8, 2019 - 10:00am

After releasing his I C U U C ME EP last December, Sebastian Mikael returns with the second installment.

For the seven-track EP, Mikael teams up with Frankie Leroux again on the production tip. He also recruits his part-one collaborator $ean Wire for a cryptic, yet ironic tune titled “Rain.”

“I C U U C ME PART II was a bit of an emotional roller coaster,” Mikael told Rated R&B. “It was a very personal project. When I write songs it has to be personal and honest. It becomes a very therapeutic process.”

Additionally, Mikael premiered an ingenious music video for “Acid Pt.

I C U U C ME Pt. II – [Sebastian Mikael]

on April 7, 2019 - 10:00am

Heading into the warmer months of the spring, it’s always refreshing to hear music that reflects this change in weather, energy, and overall mood, whether that be through lyrics or instrumentation. Here to answer the call on both accounts is a brilliant Brooklyn native by the name of Sebastian Mikael and his stellar new project, I C U U C ME Pt. II.

Just 7 tracks long, this project bottles up the sun-soaked energy in the air right now and spills it out with a burst of colorful production, impassioned deliveries, and deeply soulful lyrics, all of which reflect Mikael’s outstanding artistry.

Stream Sebastian Mikael's “ICUUC ME PART 2”

on April 5, 2019 - 10:00am

Acclaimed R&B artist Sebastian Mikael has just dropped a brand new EP titled “ICUUC ME Part 2,” which is the latter side of Mikael’s musical return. The songwriter, who is fresh off of a 4 year hiatus from music, is sure to provide us a slew of new retro-R&B music. When discussing what has brought Mikael back to music today, Mikael states, “I have been through a lot these past four years, which has inspired my comeback.” Mikael’s contribution to the soulful side of music is definitely appreciated and necessary in balancing out the repetitiveness of mainstream R&B.

“ICUUC ME Part 2” boasts