It used to take years to break into the music industry. Now it just takes one video.
If you’re an R&B/Pop Singer living in the U.S. (+DC) or Canada (except Quebec) ages 13-19, you could be the next great R&B artist. Show us what you’ve got. Follow the submission guidelines below to upload a demo video. If we like what we hear, you could be hearing from us.
90-second Intro
In a simple homemade video, tell us about yourself. Make sure to include your age, hometown, performing background and any other talents that make you special.
Perform One Song
Please perform one song of your choice. (Preferably R&B). Make sure the video does not exceed five minutes, including your personal intro. 
Upload Video
You can upload from your desktop, mobile device or YouTube. If you upload via YouTube, make sure the privacy settings are set to unlisted. We can’t wait to hear you. Good Luck! 
*Sample submission. Paid actor.
Submit Your Video
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