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Sturgill Simpson

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  • June 07, 2016

    Sturgill Simpson is giving fans the chance to enter to win a limited edition A Sailor's Guide To Earth autographed blue vinyl!

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  • May 16, 2016

    Check out Sturgill Simpson's official video for "Breakers Roar" from the critically acclaimed new album, 'A Sailor's Guide To Earth!'

    In this Post: Sturgill Simpson
  • April 15, 2016

    It's New Music Friday!

    Each week, we'll give you the rundown of the best new music, videos, and releases from Atlantic Records artists.

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on April 8, 2015 - 2:04pm
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Jackson, Kentucky
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2013 - Present
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Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
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Produced by his trusted collaborator Dave Cobb (Jamey Johnson, Jason Isbell) and recorded live to tape at Nashville's LCS studio over four days in late 2013. The album title – an allusion to Ray Charles’ groundbreaking 1962 record, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music -- hints at the psychedelic sounds found within, a departure from Simpson’s first album, which drew comparisons to the music of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. “I think that there is a lot of room in country music for progression and sonic oscillation, which is what I wanted to explore.” Where some artists find inspiration from other music, Simpson found his in books, devouring religious texts both ancient and modern, recent studies about discoveries in quantum physics and string theory, and publications by Carl Sagan and Terence McKenna.
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